2018 Items in 90 Days Challenge – Week 3

We have made it to week 3 of the challenge! It has been a little challenging this week. If it wasn’t for my daughter keeping me on track, I might not have gotten rid of stuff this week. Next week I have to get back into getting rid of stuff.

This week, we have gotten rid of 178 items. Not bad for the week, but compared to last week it is bad. But thankfully we are not competing week to week, so I will take it.  So we have gotten rid of 981 items total  so far.

How did you do this week? I would love to hear about it in the comments.

Here are our totals for the challenge:

  • week 1 – 140
  • week 2 – 663
  • week 3 -178

Total for the challenge: 981 items


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