2018 Items in 90 Days – Three Month Challenge

One of the things I will be working on this year is getting rid of stuff. Over the years we have collected way too much stuff and it is beginning to get a little out of hand. I am getting a little bit anxious about it also. So this year I am planning to go through the whole house and get rid of stuff that we no longer need or want. Let me tell you that living in the same house for 22 years we have collected a lot of stuff. The time has come that we need to clean house, so to speak and get rid of stuff.

Since this is my mission for this year, I decided that I need to jump start this goal by having a 90 day challenge. The challenge will be 90 days and the goal is to get rid of at least 2018 items, since we are in the year 2018. I am hoping to surpass that goal, so we will see.

If you want to join me, in this 90 day challenge and I hope you will, it will start on January 8th and go through April 7th. I will not be assigning anything over the course of the challenge, but I will be updating you on my progress and encouraging you along the way on Monday’s throughout the challenge.

Again I hope you will join me and we can get rid of some clutter that is in our homes.

Let me know in the comments if you will be joining me n this challenge.



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