2018 Items In 90 Days – Week 1

We have officially finished week one of the 90 day challenge. How has it gone on your end?

We have made some progress, we haven’t went through stuff every day of the week but we have made progress. I have enlisted the help of my family to go through stuff. I figure that I need the help and encouragement that they bring when going through stuff so they need to help.

We have gotten rid of 140 items this week. Not a bad start. I am hoping that we will get rid of more this coming week.

Remember as you are going through stuff that your house didn’t get like this overnight and it will take time to go through stuff. Our goal is to make progress, even if we see little good from it. Take our 140 items for example, we have 140 items less than what we had but we really haven’t made a dent in the clutter that we have accumulated over the years. The point is we are making progress.

Let’s start going through stuff.

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