Dauphin Island Audubon Bird Sanctuary

We recently went to Dauphin Island in Alabama for the day for the sole purpose of going to the Audubon Bird Sanctuary. All though we have been to Dauphin Island a few times before, we didn’t know about this hidden jem.

Once we found the bird sanctuary, it was fairly simple since it is on the main road, we made our way down the dirt road into the parking lot. Once we parked and got out, we looked at the map of the trail. They had some paper maps that you could take also, which we made sure we had one to bring along with us.

Once we were ready, it was time to start our adventure for the day. There are 6 trails that you can do, each one kind of connecting to another one. The longest one is 1.7 miles, but the others are about half a mile long.


You can even get to the beach from the trails and you can walk along the beach for a while.

We didn’t get to do all the trails the day we went here, but we will be going back to explore some of the other trails sometime soon.

Our family has done some hiking before going on these trails,we actually go 2-3 times a month walking somewhere. We were really impressed with this trail system. It was well kept and very well marked. There was several markers, marking what trees were what as well as some animals that you can see.

Since this is a bird sanctuary, there are many places where you can stop along the way to look at the birds. Daughin Island is actually one of the top 4 locations for bird viewing in North America, so you will see birds.

Even if you don’t like bird watching, this is an excellent place to go and walk around. I know most people would thoroughly enjoy it. I know we did and we will be exploring some more of the trails in the near future.

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