A Family Guide to The Natchez Trace.

A family Guide to the Natchez Trace

Introducing A Family Guide to The Natchez Trace. This is an eBook about the Natchez Trace.

Have you ever heard about The Natchez Trace?

Well for those of you who haven’t, The Natchez Trace is an old road of sorts that was used by animals, Indians and travelers who were going from Natchez, MS to Nashville, TN. This road has so much history associated with it, that the National Park Service made this into a real road that travelers can drive on. This modern road follows the original Trace, but not exactly the original path. Since they did that, you can actually walk and drive on sections of the original path.

Today, the road is 444 miles long and along the way their are stops that you can explore.

Some things you can see along the way are:

  • Indian mounds
  • battlefields
  • ruins
  • nature trails
  • sections of the old trace
  • old villages
  • plus a lot more

There is so much to see and do along The Natchez Trace that there is something for everyone.

A trip along The Natchez Trace can be a fun and inexpensive vacation. In fact we did The Natchez Trace as a vacation a couple of years ago and loved it. In fact that is why I created this book about The Natchez Trace. I had a hard time finding out some of the answers to a few of my questions. So I decided to write this book and answer those questions.

Some things that you will find in this eBook are:

  • What the stops are along The Natchez Trace.
  • Some things that you can do along the way besides The Natchez Trace.
  • How we traveled the Natchez Trace as a family
  • Answers to some of the questions we had that we had a hard time finding the answers to.

So if you are interested in traveling The Natchez Trace as a vacation, this book is for you. It has pictures of some of the sites that you can see as well as information about those stops.

If you are interested in buying this eBook, be sure and visit my shop page. You can also find it at the top of the page under the shop tab that is located in the menu header.

Note: This is in no way associated with the National Park Service and is meant for informational purposes only.

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