Last minute change in plans leads to camping adventure.

Last weekend, we were supposed to go to Walt Disney World for the Night of Joy concerts. But as luck would have it, Hurricane Irma was expected to roll through the area. So we had to make a change of plans. We decided that we were going to go camping near Pensacola, Florida. I know that seems pretty stupid to go toward Florida when their was  a hurricane going that way. But non the less, that is where we decided to go. We spent a long time trying to decide where to stay and finally decided to stay at Gulf Islands National Seashore -Fort Pickings. We have always wanted to go to this National Park, but never made it over their. So we reserved a campsite for 3 nights and started to get everything together for our long weekend of camping and exploring. The kids really wanted to hang out at the beach also.

Welcome to Florida!

The windy beach.

As luck would have it, we didn’t get much time at the beach since it was quite windy and the waves were quite big. We did get to play in the waves and get some water activities in, but not all that we had planned to do. I guess we will be going back sometime, which is totally OK with us.

We enjoyed our little weekend so much that we decided to extend the trip one more night. We did get to see the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola. We have seen this museum a few times and was really hoping to see it again this trip. As an added bonus, when we extended our trip the extra day, while we were loading up the car we heard that the Blue Angels usually have a practice session on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s at 11:30 and you could see it really good at the fort down the road from where the campground was. So we go to see the Blue Angels practice. I think this was a highlight for our family.

The National Naval Aviation Museum

The Blue Angels practicing.

Also while we were their, we got to look around Fort Pickings at the end of the island we were staying on. The kids went kayaking one day and of course we got a little bit of beach time. We also went into Alabama to see the Ron John shop in Orange Beach.

It was quite windy while we were camping and one of our tents got quite the beating. After 2 nights of this we decided to see if we could move spots to a little more sheltered spot. We were able to move and that helped a lot. All in all we had a great time camping and exploring. So much that we decided that we really needed to do more camping. So here is to more camping.

Our first campsite

Our second campsite

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