The Life Giving Table by Sally Clarkson – A Review

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All options are my own.

About the Book:

Make your table a delightful, lifegiving space where your family and friends long to be – where they will find rest, renewal,inspiration and a loving welcome.

When Sally Clarkson sets a table in her home, it’s more than just a place and a time to eat and run. It’s an opportunity to gather as a family and friends to connect and commune, to open children’s hearts to lively discussions that will feed their faith, and to enjoy the beauty and bounty of God’s creation.

In The Lifegiving Table, bestselling author Sally Clarkson, shares her family stories of table talk and faith-shaped conversations, as well as her favorite recipes and practical ideas, all drawn from over thirty years of parenting and ministry. You’ll discover why the table is a place of belonging and anticipation where we break bread together to receive both food and faith for our lives, and where we open our hearts to savor the Love of God. You’ll also find a feast of ways to grow in faith and draw closer to the people you love around the table you set in your home. – Taken from the back of the book.

Karen Says:

This is Sally Clarkson’s latest book and if you haven’t read any of her books, you need to. Trust me, you will be encouraged.

This book is full of advice and how the Clarkson’s have done things. Each chapter talks about a different thing, such as; discipleship, shaping a family culture around the table, dinnertime conversation, plus other things. Then she gives you something to ponder and then something to try. Finally, she gives you some recipes to try. This is part of each chapter in the book.

Again, if you are a Sally Clarkson fan, you need to read her latest book. I am sure you will get something out of this book.

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