Life is short…..

Life is short and sometimes life seems even shorter. We went to a funeral this past week. This funeral was just a little hard to handle. You see this person was in good health, they were still working, and had some time left to enjoy his grandkids. He was looking forward to retirement, in fact he just celebrated his 65th birthday.

This person had  an accident at work and he died within a few short hours after the accident occurred.  We were stunned when we heard the news. We never expected to hear the news we had heard. But we did, so we went to the funeral since it was a family friend that we have known for years. It is a shame that life can be so short. Now a widow has to learn how to live without her best friend and the kids and grandkids have to live without their father and grandfather.

When we got home from this funeral, we found out that another dear friend of ours had passed away as well. This one was kind of different. You see we kind of were expecting to hear about this person passing. She has had some health problems for years and she was well into her 80’s or 90’s. We will be attending yet another funeral this coming week.

Both of these people have been a blessing in our lives and they will be missed. It is hard to believe that they are no longer with us but are someplace better. We will be reunited someday and what a day that will be.

So in the meantime I am reminded how short life is. Be sure and hug your loved ones and tell them you love them. You never know what is going to happen.

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