Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum – Biloxi, MS

Our family recently went to the  Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum in Biloxi, MS. We went to this museum a few times prior to Hurricane Katrina, but it was destroyed during Katrina and they rebuilt this wonderful museum. We have been saying for quite some time that we wanted to go see the new museum, so off we went. This museum is located about half an hour from our house, so we decided to make it a day trip and bring our lunch with us.

When we got over to the museum we decided to eat our lunch first. I had visions of eating by the water but their was no picnic benches where I thought their would be, so we made do and ate our lunch under one of the oak trees. The museum sits right at the foot of the Biloxi-Ocean Springs Bridge so it makes for some lovely views of the water. By the way their is a park and splash pad right next to the museum so you could make it day and let your little kids play.

Our view while eating lunch.

When we were finished eating, we went inside this lovely 3 floor museum. One of the highlights of this museum is the Nydia Exhibit. The Nydia is a boat that has a long history on the Mississippi Gulf Coast that they have restored and put on display. In fact this is the boat that you see from the outside of the building looking in. This is the main reason why we have wanted to go to this museum. The boat looks so intriguing as you cross the bridge. The Nydia is front and center in this museum and it sits right in front of a wall of glass windows. By the way, you have a wonderful view from this vantage point. Be sure and watch the movie about this boat as it has some good information about the ship.

The Nydia

View from the windows of the Nydia exhibit.

Besides the Nydia exhibit, you can learn all about the maritime and seafood industries of the coast here. They have some older boats on display that are quite interesting. Also they have some of the equipment that was used years ago in the seafood industry. Some of it is quite interesting.

When you are here, be sure and catch some of the historical movies they play. They have a film on Hurricane Camille that destroyed the area back in 1969. Then there is a film on Hurricane Katrina that destroyed the area once again in 2005. Both of these films are well worth the time to see. Beware the Camille film is a little dated.

The Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum is well worth your time to go see. This museum is great for locals as well as tourists. I guarantee you will learn something while you are here.

Admission prices:

  • Adults: $10
  • Seniors: $8
  • Students:$6
  • Children under 5 are free

They do have a military discount if you ask and show your ID.

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