Sometimes life just throws you a curve ball.

Sometimes life just throws you a curve ball. We had this happen on New Years Eve and we have been on a roller coaster ride ever since.

We were involved in a 4 car accident on New Years Eve and we happened to be the front car involved. We just happened to be sitting in the turning lane at a traffic light waiting for the light to change when we were rear ended. We didn’t realize how many were involved till we got out of our vehicle. Yup 4 cars, what a wonderful thing to deal with.

So since New Years Eve, we have been dealing with what we have begun to call, “as the van turns”. It seems like there is a new adventure in this saga every day. We are learning to just take everything day by day, because that is all we can do. Things we thought were complete turns out to be not complete because something wasn’t as expected. But we are rolling with it.

We are hoping this will be a quick adventure, but somehow I think it won’t be. We had high hopes for our new year and new adventures. But sometimes that curve ball hits and you are forced to take a new direction from what you were planning or just take a slight detour.

For now we are on our slight detour that has consumed a lot of our time since New Years Day, but we will just continue on. We will be stronger in the end for going through this.

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