Thinking like a tourist.

On Easter Sunday, our family did something that was a little out of the ordinary. We decided to go to the beach. Yep, amazing for us.

I have a confession. We live just about a half a mile from the beach and yet we very rarely go to the beach to enjoy it. Shoot we even dry right along it several times a day. We love looking at the beach and the water, but we just never go out on it.

Well on Sunday, we decided it was time to go out there and have an impromptu picnic. We had some leftover pizza from Saturday night movie night that we heated up and brought to the beach.

Our plan was to go eat and then swim a little and just relax on the beach. Well sometimes our plans are not what actually happens. It started to rain while we were at the beach, so we decided to pack it up. We went on down further and were going to walk on one of the piers, but decided to go about 10 minutes down the road to another section of the beach.

This section was new to us as it was hidden behind the marina. It was so secluded and had some higher waves than some of the other sections of the beach. We really enjoyed this spot and we even got to see one of the big shipping boats come into the Port of Gulfport.

One thing I learned from our impromptu time at the beach is that sometimes you have to think like a tourist. You see tourists come here to sit and relax on the beach but as locals we very rarely get out there and enjoy it. We definitely have to make more time to go out there and enjoy what the tourists do.

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